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Here's what we're doing:

If you are here, it's because you are interested in my most important initiatives: Soap Hope and Good Returns.

In 2009 I committed to a lifelong goal: to to make the greatest possible positive impact on the lives of the most underserved in our worldwide human family, in partnership with all who will participate. That led to the development of the Good Returns model, which is a method for scaling the impact of sustainable social enterprises working on our world's greatest challenges.

Soap Hope was founded on this simple idea: every dollar of profit is volunteered for one as capital for women who use it to start their own businesses and escape poverty. The company doesn't give anything up - its owners just have to be patient for one year. By showing how the Good Returns model works in practice with a real business, we're demonstrating how to sustainably integrate business with social good.

Here's what's been accomplished:
  • Soap Hope was launched to serve as a business platform to fund antipoverty programs, and to serve as an example for other entrepreneurs.
  • Over 25,000 customers have participated in ending poverty buy purchasing everyday products at
  • Good Returns was founded to connect businesses and nonprofits working on solving our world's greatest challenges.
  • Five new businesses have integrated the Good Returns model into their companies.
  • Together we have funded 15,000 Days of Hope in Latin America, the Dominican Republic and the United States.

Here's today's goal:

Our next big milestone is to create One Million Days of Hope. Together with great partners, we can make this happen this year. Everyone's participation is important; every action matters.

Here's how to participate:

These six simple steps make all the difference. Even just one helps. If you want to powerfully participate, you can do them all.

Buy a bar of soap. One bar of soap funds one day of a woman's business in the places we work. I say, "A bar of soap is a day of hope."

Commit to Soap Hope. Make a promise to never buy a bar of soap anywhere else again. Our soap is better for you. It's better for the world. Stop buying soap for your family anywhere else. Make it a part of your conscious living practice.

Over time you'll find a lot of products at Soap Hope that you build into your life. We carry a thousand products for body and home. An average family spends about $150 a year at Soap Hope and funds a month's worth of Hope every year.

Share on the 3rd. Soap Hope supporters share Soap Hope on their Facebook wall, Twitter feeds and Pinterest boards every month on the 3rd. Put it in your calendar - the 3rd day of every month. Share in your own words, or if you're busy just click a social sharing button in the last e-mail you got from us. Speaking of which ...

Sign up for emails. You'll get an e-mail once each week with specials. It's important. Add and to your safe senders list.

Subscribe to my blog and share it. People sharing my blog is the single most important source of new entrepreneurs joining Good Returns and emulating our program. We need 1,000 small businesses around the country to create a capital pool of sufficient size to make a truly global impact. Blog posts come on Sunday mornings. Share them on Facebook and Twitter.

cc: When you communicate with people about Soap Hope and you copy me, you open the door for partnerships and possibilities. You also give me courage and enthusiasm, because I can see the activity of my community.

We're still small, but we have a big vision. I still see every e-mail, every tweet, and every order. Your action matters.

- Salah
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