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100% of the profits from your purchase support adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities

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  • Patchouli Zum Bar

    Indigo Wild

    Patchouli Zum Bar


    We bring you this all-natural, luxury Zum bar featuring Patchouli, hand-crafted by leading maker Indigo Wild.Patchouli's spicy-sweet aroma leaves a rich velvet feeling on your skin. It is known for...

  • Impact Club

    Soap Hope Collection

    Impact Club


    Fine Print   By joining Impact Club you giving permission for Soap Hope, LLC to securely store your form of payment and charge $15 per month to that form of payment. Membership...

  • Hand Sanitizer - 4 oz.

    Soap Hope Collection

    Hand Sanitizer - 4 oz.


    Clean Starts With Soap HopeOur signature sanitizer not only helps reduce bacteria for clean hands, but 100% of profits from this purchase support our mission!Directions: - place enough product on...

  • Frankincense And Myrrh Zum Bar

    Indigo Wild

    Frankincense And Myrrh Zum Bar


    We bring you this all-natural, luxury Zum bar featuring Frankincense and Myrrh, hand-crafted by leading maker Indigo Wild.Frankincense and myrrh have long been considered rare and precious...


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