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How We Help End Poverty

Soap Hope invests 100% of its profits every year, for the full year, into anti-poverty non-profits. These organizations use the funds to issue business loans to women in poverty, training them how to start and run their own small businesses. This "teach a woman to fish" model can permanently lift whole communities from poverty, providing families with the resources and skills they need to be self sufficient. We call our program "Good Returns."

If you can buy products from Soap Hope for the same price as another web site or retail store, wouldn't you choose to purchase from Soap Hope? You get the same great products, but we will invest ALL the profits into organizations that transform the lives of women.

You can learn more about the organizations we support.

Why You Are So Important

The Soap Hope model only works if customers make it work. Instead of spending our profits on marketing to reach more customers, we invest them into changing the lives of those in poverty. That's why we need you to tell others about Soap Hope. You are our marketing department!

It's so easy to do your part:
  • When it's time to purchase your body care products, buy from
  • Remember us for gifts for your family, friends, or business colleagues
  • Tell others about Soap Hope by e-mail, phone, text, Facebook, Twitter, communicate with others
  • Link to us on your website, follow us on Twitter, and fan us on Facebook
  • Promote us to someone you know in the media - a reporter, blogger, talk show host
  • Give us feedback on how to better serve your needs
We thank you for supporting us and for participating in this great experiment to improve the lives of our fellow people!

Salah Boukadoum
Craig Tiritilli
Founders, Soap Hope

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twitter: @soaphope
phone: 888-893-SOAP

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