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Ecopouf Dual Cleansing Pad

We bring you EcoPouf(r) Dual Cleansing Pad, an all-natural premium Bath Accessories by leading maker EcoTools.

The natural Dual Cleansing Pad is handcrafted to perfectly fit in the palm for precise and controlled exfoliation. Wet loofah until fully expanded and add body wash. Scrub skin clean while focusing on rough areas such as knees and elbows.

ct.: 1 Loofah

Ecotool's bath accessories will brighten any bathroom. Most come in bright, soothing colors like green and pink. They're made of natural or recycled material and offer an extra clean for skin that needs exfoliation.

Ecotools was created in 2007 when sisters Jen and Stacey decided to make a brush set that was high-quality, affordable and environmentally friendly. They ended up finding a process using recycled materials and bamboo. Now they're working on spreading a positive message about helping the environment while looking and feeling confident. They're cruelty-free, tree-free, use recycled bamboo and recycled materials.
Ingredient Rating:
The Loofah Bath Brush Is Designed With A Hand-Cut, Natural Loofah And An Ergonomic Handle For Better Control While Cleansing And Exfoliating.
Hours of Hope:
1 hour