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Spire Soap Stand

Was: $10.60
Now: $5.50
Soap Hope brings you Spire Soap Stand, a premium Stainless Steel Soap Stand by leading maker Spire Home Products.

This clever and stylish accessory looks great in any setting, from a modern kitchen to traditional bath. It extends the life of your quality soap bar by keeping it dry and elevated. 100% stainless steel Spire is a must-have at every sink, shower, and bath.

Quantity: 1 soap stand (soap not included)

Spire soap stands are beautifully designed, extend the life of your valuable bar soaps, and keep kitchen and bathroom counters clean. Place one in your shower and by the sink for a stylish look and get the most use out of every quality bar.

Spire Home Products creates quality, stylish home accessories. Simplicity and elegance drive Spire's designs - and Spire is another Good Returns company, so you can feel good knowing every dollar of profit from your purchase goes to empower women.
100% Stainless Steel
Hours of Hope:
4 hours