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Peppermint Fluoride-Free Antiplaque & Whitening Toothpaste (2 Pack)

We bring you Peppermint Fluoride-Free Antiplaque & Whitening Toothpaste (2 Pack), an all-natural premium Toothpaste by leading maker Tom's Of Maine.

This fluoride free toothpaste whitens your teeth by removing surface stains and uses authentic naturally derived ingredients. Zinc citrate is sourced from zinc, a naturally occurring mineral and xylitol, a natural ingredient derived from birch trees or corn.

Also added is a natural flavoring for a taste that will make you look forward to brushing. Tom's of Maine produces this toothpaste without fluoride because they respect their customers' diverse needs and interests.

Fluoride free.

No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

No animal ingredients.

Not tested on animals.

Volume: 5.5 oz.

Tom's of Maine toothpastes contain no artificial colors, so their appearance may vary from batch to batch. They do not use any synthetic flavors or fragrances. Tom's consumers prefer the fresh, natural taste and smell of herbs, fruits, and flowers (or no fragrance at all!)

Tom's of Maine is a top maker whose products contain only natural ingredients. Tom's of Maine's products have no chemically derived ingredients, minimize environmental impacts, and are never tested on animals. Most Tom's of Maine products are vegan, with a few containing beeswax. As of this writing, Tom's of Maine's fluoride toothpastes are the only natural alternatives to have earned the American Dental Association's Seal of Acceptance.
Ingredient Rating:
Calcium carbonate
Hydrated Silica
Peppermint (Mentha Piperita) Oil
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
Zinc Citrate
Seaweed (Eucheuma sp.)
Sodium Bicarbonate
Hours of Hope:
5 hours