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Rapid Relief Sensitive Fluoride Free Toothpaste - Fresh Mint

We bring you Rapid Relief Sensitive Fluoride Free Toothpaste - Fresh Mint, an all-natural premium Toothpaste by leading maker Tom's Of Maine.

Tom's of Maine Rapid Relief Sensitive toothpaste is clinically proven to provide rapid relief and long-lasting protection from sensitive tooth pain. Unlike some sensitive toothpastes, which just numb the pain, the formula with the amino acid arginine and calcium carbonate quickly seals the pathways that lead to sensitive tooth nerves, providing rapid relief. With regular use, it builds a long-lasting, protective barrier that acts like a seal against sensitivity.

Volume: 4 oz.

Made for those who prefer their oral care fluoride-free, Tom's of Maine provides the perfect toothpaste. Using FDA allowed ingredients, these products compare to even the best fluoride toothpastes in freshness and sensitivity.

Tom's of Maine is a top maker whose products contain only natural ingredients. Tom's of Maine's products have no chemically derived ingredients, minimize environmental impacts, and are never tested on animals. Most Tom's of Maine products are vegan, with a few containing beeswax. As of this writing, Tom's of Maine's fluoride toothpastes are the only natural alternatives to have earned the American Dental Association's Seal of Acceptance.
Ingredient Rating:
Arginine bicarbonate, benzyl alcohol, calcium carbonate, hydrated silica, natural flavor, sodium bicarbonate, sodium lauryl sulfate, sorbitol, titanium dioxide, water, xanthan gum, xylitol
Hours of Hope:
3 hours