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  • Seventh Generation Tampons - Super
  • Tampons - Super

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We bring you Tampons - Super, an all-natural premium Feminine Products by leading maker Seventh Generation.

Peace-of-mind protection. Seventh Generation's no-applicator tampons offer comfort and reliable protection with 100% organic cotton.

Seventh Generation non-applicator tampons are made with certified organic cotton, whitened without chemicals containing chlorine, and free of added fragrances and deodorants.

- Certified Organic Cotton Tampons
- Comfortable & Reliable
- Free of Fragrances & Deodorants
- Expands width-wise
- Tampons whitened without chemicals containing chlorine
- Tampons made with certified organic cotton
- Tampons free of fragrances and deodorants
- Gynecologist tested
- Leak-free protection

ct.: 20 Tampons

Seventh Generation's bathroom products are healthy for the body as well as the earth. 100% recycled material, natural ingredients, and botanical fragrances will turn your bathroom into a garden.

Seventh Generation has been working for over 25 years to make a difference in the environment. They believe that products should be healthy for the environment as well as our bodies. A proud B Corporation, they have acted as pioneers for corporate responsibility. They work hard so their products make a difference on all; from the moment someone takes it off the shelf to it decomposing back into the Earth. They offer a selection of products that are able to boast a 100% recycled base, cruel-free testing, botanical fragrances and, of course, high quality for you.
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Additional Information

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Certified organic cotton (absorbent material and string), water repellent wax (string).
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