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Eucalyptus Bath Fizzum

We bring you an all-natural luxury Bath Fizzum featuring Eucalyptus, hand-crafted by leading maker Indigo Wild.

A good bath is always something to celebrate. Zum Bath Fizzums are kind of like champagne for your tub - pop one in and let the aromatherapy fizz aerate your atmosphere. Works for shower takers too.

Weight: 0.9 oz.

Zum bath products are made to soothe and relax skin and tired muscles. 100 percent natural and great for your body.

Indigo Wild is focused on producing and distributing high quality, handmade, all natural goods. All natural raw materials make up each product. The essential oils used to add scent to Indigo Wild products contain such a high percentage of oils that they are considered to be therapeutic. Any products that require a preservative use natural solutions such as Vitamin E and rosemary. Indigo Wild products include over a hundred natural materials from as far away as Africa and are cruelty-free.
sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), citric acid, fragrance (essential oils), alcohol
Hours of Hope:
2 hours