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Ditch & Switch

Ditch & Switch

Posted by Team Soap Hope on May 24th 2021

Changing out your household items to natural, clean, organic, chemical-free products can be overwhelming and costly.

The options that are out there to choose from are growing daily. Who wants to or has time to go to seven stores or place seven different orders to get your household products?

When you are switching to more natural products, we suggest not immediately dumping what you have and starting from scratch. Instead, as you run out of your current items that you want to switch, find the best replacement and go through one at a time. Not only does this make the process less overwhelming, but it also makes it more manageable for our pocketbooks.

We pride ourselves here at Soap Hope at selecting partners and products that are clean, natural, organic, and better for you. To make it even easier, we have rounded up our customer favorites for making the switch to natural:

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