Getting to know Team Soap Hope

Getting to know Team Soap Hope

Kate Knight our Director. Kate is a creative thinker, equality seeker, status-quo breaker, thoughtful innovator, truthteller. Perpetual planner, lifelong learner, curious world traveler, adventure collector. Lucky wife, working mama bear. Relentless do-gooder, a champion for the underdog.

Grady Howell our Manager. Grady is a proud Texan. Lego Lover. Movie Snob. Actively pursuing the full and untapped possibilities of adults with disabilities. A husband and father to 1 human and 2 doggos.

Candice Powell our Marketing and Sales Coordinator. Candice is a lover of all things unicorns, rainbows, sharks, coffee, and birthdays. A forever adventurer with my significant other and girl momma.

Cathi our Fulfillment Specialist. Cathi enjoys traveling (not right now though), hanging out with friends, working here at Soap Hope, shopping at Macy's and Dillards. She is a big fan of Reba and Elvis.Jake our Fulfillment Specialist. 

Jake loves his job but his dream job is a ghost hunter. If he could choose to live anywhere, he would live in space. He enjoys sushi, all things sci-fi, new age classical music, being outside, and watching movies.

Reginald "Reggie" Spearman has worked at My Possibilities for 10 years. Reggie assists individuals with career development, focusing on our Academy here at Soap Hope. Reggie is a family man and when he is not helping adults with disabilities, you can find him spending time with his loved ones near and far.

Feb 18th 2021 Candice Powell

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