Mission Moment | Jake Enjoys Work with Purpose at the Soap Hope Warehouse

Mission Moment | Jake Enjoys Work with Purpose at the Soap Hope Warehouse

Meet Jake, one of our valued team members who helps ensure your Soap Hope orders get where they’re going on time. Jake has IDD and was placed at Soap Hope through the Launch Ability Career Services Center at My Possibilities. He works part time in the Soap Hope warehouse in Plano, fulfilling orders, packaging and labeling our new hand sanitizer, stocking shelves and more. With less than two weeks on the job, Jake also helped us move into our new warehouse space—a huge task that showed the entire team that Jake is a hard worker and a team player.


Jake, working hard at Soap Hope HQ filling hand sanitizer bottles with his job coach, Anita.

Get to know a bit more about Jake:

Favorite part of the job: “Making sure all the orders are correct and labeling the hand sanitizer bottles. …I’ve worked with Soap Hope before, in an internship. I’ve done stocking and everything before, so I know how that goes.”

What he enjoys about the new warehouse: “It’s a lot closer to my house.”

Hobbies outside of work: “I like to watch movies and TV shows. I like a lot of different genres—almost every genre except comedy. I like superhero moves. My favorite drama series right now is ‘Party of 5’ from the 90s.”

His dream job: “I like the film industry. Sometimes I wish I could be a camera man. I love to hold a camera and document stuff.”

Sep 4th 2020 Meg Costa

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