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Earth Friendly


Soap Hope is now using biodegradable packing peanuts that are good to our earth and make sure your products make it to you safe and sound. Our packing peanuts are made from organic starch and are static-free (we can't stand peanuts that stick to everything either). These FDA-complioant packing peanuts dissolve in water, leaving behind no toxic waste. Just another way that Soap Hope is looking out for you and for the planet!  

Ingredient Philosophy

At Soap Hope we care about what we put in and on our bodies and what we give our families. We know that with all the choices for "natural products" it can be difficult to sort through what ingredients are acceptable. That's why we have created our own simple-to-follow rating system for all the products in our store, for you. Every product at Soap Hope is rated Good, Better, or Best.We inspect every single ingredient in every single product to determine that product's rating. If all the ingredients are Best, the product is Best. Anything that isn't at least Good is something we won't use - or sell. You'll never find a paraben, petroleum derivative, artificial flavor, artificial color, or anything else that doesn't meet the Soap Hope Good, Better, Best standards. Below are summaries of each of the three rating tiers and how we classify the ingredients and products we carry for you: