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Indigo Wild

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  • Lavender Zum Hand Soap

    Indigo Wild

    Lavender Zum Hand Soap


    Zum Hand Soap is bringing a clean thrill to both skin and senses. Naturally. We turn plant oils into filth-fighting soap with ingredients sourced from nature that create an aromatic, premium lather that amps up the ordinary. Floral and calming,...

  • Y.UM. Liquid Doggie Soap

    Indigo Wild

    Y.UM. Liquid Doggie Soap


    Fetch this liquid doggie soap and make nasty dog smells roll over with Citronella, Lavender and Cedarwood pure essential oils. Made with 95% organic oils. Zum Wash all-natural liquid soap is an instant classic. Dynamite on dry and dirty, while developing...

  • Y.U.M. Zum Glow Dog Candle

    Indigo Wild

    Y.U.M. Zum Glow Dog Candle


    This Zum Glow Soy Candle for Your Untidy Mutt will brighten your night while ensuring good juju for you and your furry friends. Zum natural soy candles are made with soy wax, aromatic oils, and lead-free wicks, ensuring a clean, deeply enjoyable aroma...

  • Y.U.M. Mist Doggie Spritzer

    Indigo Wild

    Y.U.M. Mist Doggie Spritzer


    Indigo Wild Y.U.M. Zum Mist Spritzer for Dogs As versatile as it is invigorating, Y.U.M Zum Mist is the ultimate de-funker for pet owners. Formulated to rid cars and homes of that wet dog smell with Lavender, Lemon and Patchouli essential oils. It's made...

  • Zum Clean Sea Salt Granite and Countertop Cleaner

    Indigo Wild

    Zum Clean Sea Salt Granite and Countertop Cleaner


    Let Zum Clean Sea Salt Counter Cleaner take your kitchen, counters, and more from dirty to pristine. Crank up the productivity playlist (make it funky) and spray your way to a fresh, clean space with the help of this gentle formula. Although it’s...

  • Mini Zum Mist Trio Pack

    Indigo Wild

    Mini Zum Mist Trio Pack


    Give the gift of aromatherapy with this plant-packed, essential oil filled box with the best selling mini Zum Mists. They're travel and TSA-friendly. Perfect for stocking stuffers or to keep in your bag so you can experience good whiffs wherever you go.

  • Zum Kiss Lip Trio

    Indigo Wild

    Zum Kiss Lip Trio


    Take your pick and pucker up that pout because it’s time to pamper yourself with the Zum Kiss Lip Trio. With three incredible flavors in this lip balm set, you can switch up the scent to fit your mood. What’s Inside? Helianthus annuus...