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Amber Bottle With Writable Label - 2 oz.

Was: $2.64
Now: $1.37
We bring you Amber Bottle With Writable Label - 2 oz., an all-natural premium Bottle with Writing Label by leading maker Aura Cacia.

Use to store homemade products such as perfume oil blends, facial serums and hair oils.

Volume: 2 oz.

Aura Cacia's empty amber bottles come with blank labels for you to write on. If you need to take your oils on the go, or simply need a different container, you'll be able to find a few different types with the same Aura Cacia quality.

Since 1982 Aura Cacia has had a mission to help inspire a positive change in those around them. They support women with their Positive Change Project and encourage sustainable growing. Their products are made with essential oils that come from pure botanical ingredients, all cruelty-free tested for the highest quality.
Ingredient Rating:
Amber bottle with plastic cap.
Hours of Hope:
1 hour