Arnica Oil - 1 Oz.

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  • Herb Pharm Arnica Oil - 1 Oz.
  • Arnica Oil - 1 Oz.
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We bring you Arnica Oil - 1 oz., an all-natural premium Herbal Oil by leading maker Herb Pharm.


Herb Pharm prepares their Arnica Oil from the flower of Arnica montana plants which are certified organically grown and/or sustainably wildcrafted in their natural habitat, and are then carefully shade-dried to retain their full color and aroma.

The flower is extracted and concentrated with low heat into cold-pressed certified organic olive oil.


Shake Well Before Using.

1 to 3 times per day, apply to skin with cotton gauze, or massage into skin until well absorbed.

Wash hands thoroughly after application.

May stain clothing.


Do not apply on or around mucous membranes, eyes or on broken or abraded skin.

Seek medical advice before using during pregnancy, nursing or on children under 5 years of age.

Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

Prolonged use may cause skin irritation.

Keep Out of the Reach of Children.


Volume: 1 fl. oz.

These herbal remedies are made with certified organically grown plants. Those looking for the most natural treatments will love this collection of herbs. They can help with pains from allergies to sore muscles to thyroid problems. Or, you can give yourself a boost with herbal supplements to help your body reach a healthy balance.

Herb Pharm was started by a few scrappy idealist" who believed they could cultivate health from the land without robbing it, and future generations along with it. They looked into ancient healing traditions and then sought to improve upon them.

By using technology and proven clinical practices in tandem with nature, and not in domination of it, Herb Pharm's founders challenged themselves to find a better pat..."
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Additional Information

Ingredient Rating:
Certified organic olive oil & Arnica extractives. Non-GMO
Hours of Hope:
6 hours
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