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Pine Essential Oil .25oz

Was: $10.17
Now: $5.27
We bring you an all-natural premium Essential Oil featuring Pine, by leading maker Aura Cacia.

The woody, typically evergreen aroma of this oil lends a pleasant, deodorizing scent to many household and personal care products. Pine essential oil is invigorating and enlivening.

Volume: 0.25 fl. oz.

Aura Cacia's specialty, all their essential oils have been tested to be 100% pure. These oils are made by the most effective method with only the best quality plants. Paraben free, cruelty-free and no synthetics used, enjoy only the purest of oils.

Since 1982 Aura Cacia has had a mission to help inspire a positive change in those around them. They support women with their Positive Change Project and encourage sustainable growing. Their products are made with essential oils that come from pure botanical ingredients, all cruelty-free tested for the highest quality.
Ingredient Rating:
pinus sylvestris (pine) oil.
Hours of Hope:
4 hours