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Light Beige Concealer

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Now: $7.70
We bring you Mahya Cosmetics' Light Beige - Concealer , a premium all-natural concealer.

Mineral concealer is one of today's most popular trends in makeup. Mineral concealer does a fantastic job of covering lines, blemishes, scars and other inconsistencies, while maintaining a natural appearance and feeling on the skin.

This mineral-based concealer does not clog pores and can be left on skin overnight with no ill effects - compar that to a traditional cream concealer!

How To Apply [Step 1. Prepare the mineral concealer container by turning the covered container upside down and gently shaking. A small amount of the mineral powder will fall through the shaker into the lid.

Step 2. While the container is upside down, carefully remove the lid from the jar and set the jar (right side up) on the counter. The lid, which now contains a small amount of the mineral concealer, is now ready to use for the next step.

Step 3. Dip your applicator brush into the powder that has settled on top of the lid and give it a gentle swirl to capture some of the minerals into the brush. Gently tap the makeup brush on the edge of the container to remove any excess minerals.

Step 4. Use your brush to apply the concealer where desired by tapping the brush over and around the area until the mark or blemish is adequately covered. Reload the brush as needed to bring the coverage to the desired level.

Step 5. The last step is to apply concealer under the eyes. Gently brush under the eyes. Using a sweeping motion will prevent the makeup from settling into any fine lines under the eyes.]Mineral Concealer

Weight: 2.5 grams

All-natural facial cosmetics from Mahya Minerals are made exclusively from the finest ingredients available. With a wide variety of colors, there are many options for every mood, look or occasion. ...
Ingredient Rating:
Mica ( CI 77019), Zinc Oxide( CI 77947),Titanium Dioxide ( CI 77891), Iron Oxides ( CI 77489, 77491,77492,77499), May Contain(+/-)Sericite (CI 77019),Kaolin, Ultramarines (CI 77007),Ferric Ferrocyanide( CI 77510), Oryza Sativa (Rice Strach), Chromium
Hours of Hope:
6 hours