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Sugar Plum Blush

Was: $14.00
Now: $7.70
We bring you Mahya Cosmetics' Sugar Plum - Glimmering Blush, a premium all-natural blush.

When a touch of shine and sparkle are needed, Mahya all natural mineral Glimmering Blush is a must.

Mahya mineral blushes layer over foundation to create a healthy natural look adding just the right amount of color and warmth to the face. Apply layers as needed on the cheek bones to highlight the shape of your face. These premium all natural blushes include important antioxidants and vitamins essential to healthy skin. This velvety formulation glides onto skin smoothly to create a natural, even looking complexion.

Advantages of Mineral Blush[Mineral blush has several advantages over regular powder and cream makeup varieties:

-Creates a more natural appearance as opposed to an obviously made-up" look.
-Allows for far more control in its application.
-Doesn't block pores enabling your skin to breathe.
-Is highly concentrated so a little goes a long way. ]

How To Apply [Step 1. Color selection. Mineral blush is available in a wide spectrum of colors and shades so you will be able to find one that is close to the color you normally use. Note however, the mineral cosmetics tend to appear slightly darker in the container than when applied.

Step 2. Moisturize. To avoid a powdered appearance, always moisturize prior to application. Wait until the moisturizer is absorbed into the skin before beginning to apply the blush.

Step 3. Prepare the mineral container by turning the covered container upside down and gently shaking. A small amount of the mineral powder will fall through the shaker into the lid.

Step 4. While the container is upside down, carefully remove the lid from the jar and set the jar (right side up) on the counter. The lid which now contains a small amount of the mineral powder is now re..."
Ingredient Rating:
Mica, Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides. Depending on shade may contain: Ferric Ferrocyanide, Carmine, Ultramarines, Chromium Oxide Greens.
Hours of Hope:
6 hours