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Tea Infuser Ball Tea Infuser Ball

Was: $4.50
Now: $2.48
We bring you Tea Infuser Ball, an all-natural premium tea infuser ball by leading maker By The Grace Of Tea.

Brew a delicious cup of loose leaf tea using this stainless steel tea infuser ball. Just steep a teaspoon of tea for every cup of water and enjoy a fresh cup every time.

No.: 1 Ball

Ensure that you get the freshest, best tasting cup of tea every time by brewing your delicious By the Grace of Tea blend with this loose leaf tea infuser.

By the Grace of Tea's founder Ann Ranson believes that there is more to tea than the leaves' place of origin, the conditions in which they were grown, or method by which they were processed. Though she understands the importance of this information, to Ann Ranson the most intriguing aspect of tea is its ability to bring people together, to catalyze meaningful conversation and community building.

Based out of Dallas, in 2011 Ann began By the Grace of Tea as a way to cultivate and promote the values of civility, intimacy, and respect one cup of tea at a time. Ann is committed to finding the highest quality and most socially responsible sources for her products. The majority of her teas are Organic and several are Fair Trade Certified.
stainless steel
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