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How do I purchase my items/check out?
  • When you are ready to check out, click "View Your Cart" in the upper right part of the page to see all the items in your cart.
  • Click the "Proceed To Checkout" button
  • Click the "Continue" button
  • Fill out the 1-Page Checkout form with your billing and shipping information.
  • Click the arrow next to Payment Method and choose "Credit Card"
  • Fill out your credit card information
  • Click the "Place Order" button
If you need more help, contact us by phone at 888-893-SOAP.
I'm looking for a particular product.
  There are several ways to find products on our site:
  • You can shop by maker or category on the Shop tab above.
  • You can browse by category using the links on the left side of the page.
  • You can browse by maker using the links on the left side of the page.
  • You can search for a key word using the search box on the left side of the page.
  • Click Top Searches on the left of the page to see dozens of product groups and categories. You can shop by scent, color and more.
  • Click Speed Shop to see all our products in thumbnail format - it's a great way to shop!
  • If you cannot find what you are looking for, you can call us for assistance at 888-893-SOAP.

How do I navigate the site?
  To navigate this website, just click on any category you might be interested in. Categories are located on the top, left and bottom of our website.

Click on any product photo to learn more about that product and to see larger pictures.

QUICK TIP: Place your mouse cursor over anything you think could be a clickable link. You'll notice that anytime you scroll over something that is a link, your mouse cursor will become a "hand". Whereas scrolling over anything that is NOT a link will leave your cursor as an "arrow". You may also type a keyword into the SEARCH box to quickly find a specific product.

You can also order by phone. Feel free to contact us at 888-893-SOAP.
How do I use a coupon?
  When you are done shopping and ready to check out, click "View Your Cart" at the top of the page. To the left of your total you will see a box where you can enter your Coupon Code.  Enter your code, then press the "Apply" button under the box.  Your total will be updated to reflect the coupon discount.  Only one coupon may be used per order.

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