Pillar Candle - 3inch X 3inch

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  • GoodLight Candle Pillar Candle - 3inch X 3inch
  • Pillar Candle - 3inch X 3inch

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We bring you Pillar Candle - 3inch x 3inch, an all-natural premium candle by leading maker GoodLight Candles.

The classic unscented, white pillar candle is a design staple. From restaurants to weddings, churches to living rooms, they are everywhere. And that's why GoodLight created a clean-burning, paraffin-free option. Their pillars are made from 100% palm wax and cast a warm, beautiful glow through their translucent outer walls.

ct.: 1 Candle

GoodLight Candles are made from palm oil fruit. This easily sustainable resource encourages planting trees in order to get more fruit. They're non-toxic and, best of all, affordable. There are candles for every event, including Hanukah, and have a selection of colors for more festive times. Most are unscented, but those that are have the fragrances of popular essential oils like lavender and lemongrass.

David and Jon started in New York, 2005 with Jon's dream of making non-toxic candles that everyone could afford. Jon started Bluecorn Naturals, which is now a leading brand in beeswax candles. While he'd made a non-toxic candle, Jon felt like not everyone could afford beeswax and continued working with David. The, in 2010, they founded GoodLight Candles. These candles were also non-toxic, but were more affordable.

GoodLight candles are made using palm oil, which is cheaper than beeswax and just as natural. Its made from palm oil fruit, which is very easily grown in tropical climates. The trees aren't harmed when the fruit is harvested, and because of their lifespan, people are more encouraged to plant more trees instead of cutting them down.
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Additional Information

Ingredient Rating:
palm wax, cotton
Hours of Hope:
4 hours
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