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Sandalwood Citrus Candle

We bring you an all-natural luxury candle featuring Sandalwood Citrus, hand-crafted by leading maker Indigo Wild.

The marriage of scents in this Sandalwood-Citrus candle is remarkable. Enjoy each layer of scents from woodsy and sweet, to tangy and citrusy.

Weight: 7 oz.

Indigo Wild brings you a line of all-natural, soy wax candles with an array of invigorating and calming aromas. These candles burn clean, with a lead-free wick, for up to 30 hours. From multi-tone to single note, you are sure to find a scent that fits your mood and personality. These candles are therapeutic and made with pure essential oils, perfect for creating a friendly and welcoming environment in your home.

Indigo Wild is focused on producing and distributing high quality, handmade, all natural goods. All natural raw materials make up each product. The essential oils used to add scent to Indigo Wild products contain such a high percentage of oils that they are considered to be therapeutic. Any products that require a preservative use natural solutions such as Vitamin E and rosemary. Indigo Wild products include over a hundred natural materials from as far away as Africa and are cruelty-free.
Ingredient Rating:
Soy wax and pure essential oils.
Hours of Hope:
6 hours