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Rosewater Beautifying Spritz

We bring you an all-natural premium Room and Body Mist featuring Rosewater Beautifying Spritz, by leading maker Kind Soap Company.

You will love the refreshing, beautifying qualities of this all natural rosewater spritz. In dry climates, use it on dry patches of skin for quick hydration. Try it over or under makeup for skin toning and setting, or use it in the hot summer months on your face and neck to keep cool and fresh.

Volume: 2 oz.

KIND makes refreshing mists with premium, all natural ingredients that feed the skin. Use the mist to prep your face in the morning, set your makeup, cool down on a hot day or tone the skin before bed.

KIND Soap Company was started by Jean Scholtes, when she found that most store-bought body products were irritating to sensitive skin at best, and carcinogenic at worst. She developed a desire to create beautiful, all natural bath and body products that would be gentle, safe and effective on delicate skin, especially that of her young son with eczema.

Here you will find creamy bar soaps, exfoliating scrubs, refreshing mists, hydrating lotions, cleansing shampoos and moisturizing balms. KIND has you covered, from head to toe.

KIND splits its efforts three ways:

KIND to your skin- While some companies opt for known skin irritants since they are cheaper, KIND avoids toxins, harsh detergents and irritants. KIND always uses natural, gentle ingredients to nourish the skin. Jean picks ingredients based on their health benefits, rather than just being natural for natural sake." Common ingredients include shea butter and olive oil, for their incomparable, naturally moisturizing qualities.

KIND to the earth- This company works to make sure every product and package is as sustainable, recyclable, eco-friendly or biodegradable as possible. Jean has a goal to reduce the deforestatio..."
Ingredient Rating:
Rosa Damascena Distillate
Hours of Hope:
3 hours