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Indigo Wild

  • Zum Clean Laundry Soap - Lavender-Cedar - 32 oz

    Indigo Wild

    Zum Clean Laundry Soap - Lavender-Cedar - 32 oz


    Tackle loads of laundry. With enter Lavender-Cedar Zum Clean Laundry Soap, you can look forward to washing your duds. The ultra-clean essential oil blend paired with saponified soap naturally fights...

  • Zum Chakra Salts Gift Pack

    Indigo Wild

    Zum Chakra Salts Gift Pack


    Tune your seven chakras to a pitch-perfect state with natural sea salt crystals infused with shea butter, meadowfoam seed oil and vibrational energy. Includes Lavender Crown Chakra, Rosemary Third...

  • 3125 Zum Mist

    Indigo Wild

    3125 Zum Mist


    Sometimes a place’s energy is so vibrant, so inspiring that you just want to bottle it. That’s the story behind the Zum Mist 3125 Room & Body Spray. Created in honor of the energizing...

  • 3125 Zum Wash

    Indigo Wild

    3125 Zum Wash


    Zum fanatics, this is your chance to get a one-time whiff of the most special place in the whole world — the Zum factory at 3125 Wyandotte Street in Kansas City. Yes, it is literally the smell...

  • 3125 Zum Bar

    Indigo Wild

    3125 Zum Bar


    This is the magzum opus - the olfactory overture of our factory. It's all things Zum blended into one, inspired by the unmistakable aroma of our chi studio at 3125 Wyandotte Street, Kansas City, MO...

  • On Sale!
    Frankincense & Myrrh Holiday Mini Zum Bar

    Indigo Wild

    Frankincense & Myrrh Holiday Mini Zum Bar

    Was: $3.18
    Now: $1.65

    Lather up with this mini version of everyone's favorite goat's milk soap! Perfect for stuffing in stockings or a pocket for quick access when you need a scrub down.Stock up on these Frankincense and...

  • Patchouli Zum Bar 15-Pack

    Indigo Wild

    Patchouli Zum Bar 15-Pack


    We bring you this all-natural, luxury Zum bar featuring Patchouli, hand-crafted by leading maker Indigo Wild.Patchouli's spicy-sweet aroma leaves a rich velvet feeling on your skin. It is known for...

  • Zum Bar Sampler

    Indigo Wild

    Zum Bar Sampler


    What’s better than a dozen Zum Bars? A dozen plus three! The Zum Bar Sampler was made for showering (pun intended) those you love with safe, gentle, and amazing-smelling soaps for any occasion...

  • Zum Clean Laundry Soap - Tea Tree Citrus - 32 oz.

    Indigo Wild

    Zum Clean Laundry Soap - Tea Tree Citrus - 32 oz.


    When was the last time you got amped up to do laundry? You’ll be hippin’ and hoppin’ when you integrate this citrus and tea tree laundry soap into the spin cycle. The ultra-fresh,...