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Soap Hope supports organizations that promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in the community. This can happen in a variety of ways. We believe the biggest impact towards inclusion is providing rewarding supported employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

The disabilities community deserves the same right to equality in employment opportunities as any other group. We believe increasing employment opportunities and improving community engagement of people with disabilities are civil rights.

Hiring a person with a disability is like dropping a boulder in a pond. Major ripple effects are felt in every direction - colleagues benefit, the company benefits, and the community benefits.

Soap Hope provides support to organizations who train, place, and support people with disabilities in community employment. Every time you shop with us, you support these organizations, too.

Soap Hope started around a kitchen table in Dallas when friends and co-founders Craig Tiritilli and Salah Boukadoum decided to start a company that would use 100% of the profits - the entire economic output of the company - to serve humanity.

First, we discussed our mission. We found that our mission focus would be where research showed the greatest impact on families and communities. The community of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities certainly fits that bill.

Second, we discussed our products and services. We wanted to demonstrate that even the simplest business could change the world - anyone could do it. We found just about the simplest item - a bar of natural soap - and started the company, which became today's Soap Hope. 

Now, we have a warehouse, a team, thousands of natural and organic products and dozens of brands for body, beauty, and home available on our website. We have customers and members in every state in the country. Most importantly, we're touching the lives of individuals with disabilities - and with untapped potential - right here in America, and we're expanding our inventory and impact every day.

We want you to join us on the Soap Hope journey: whether you shop, become a member, or spread the word, we're happy to have you here.

Meet Sally!
Sally works at the front desk at Topgolf Dallas. Prior to gaining employment with Topgolf Dallas, Sally participated in the My Possibilities Academy work experience program at Topgolf Headquarters. During this seven-week internship program, she practiced skills such as cleaning and prepping meeting rooms, delivering catered lunches, and stocking copy rooms with needed supplies. While interning, she had the opportunity to take a golf lesson at the Dallas venue. The manager was so impressed with her outgoing personality, hired Sally and selected My Possibilities as a supported employment vendor.
Meet Andreas!
Andreas is a jack of all trades at Taziki's Mediterranean Cafe in Plano. When you stop in for lunch, you'll find him either greeting customers, taking orders, packaging condiments, or sanitizing the restaurant. He's a team player and looks forward to each shift. He has been a meaningful part of the Taziki's team for over two years.
Meet Ba'Shire!
When there was an opening at the hospital as medical transport support, Ba'Shire's Job Coach knew he would be perfect for the job. He supports the hospital by moving patients to and from CT, MRI, Ulstrasound, and other areas within the hospital. He's incredibly patient and compassionate and has demonstrated that he has a tremendous work ethic. He has been so successful, that the hospital is seeking new ways to hire other adults with disabilities.